Careerist Review (In-Depth)

Published: September 8, 2023

Careerist provides online programs in Manual Quality Assurance, QA Automation, Technical Sales, and Sales Engineering. Careerist courses include internships, mentorship, resume development, and interview preparation, so graduates are qualified for mid-level tech positions.

Careerist provides online programs in Manual Quality Assurance

Careerist students receive Job Application Services, support and mentoring, and an Employment Guarantee after program completion. Students are also given career counseling to help them prepare for job interviews. Career services may include resume preparation, LinkedIn profile creation, job market skills and hacks, job market analysis in the student’s area, and interview question preparation.

Being a Careerist allows everyone to build their career regardless of what they are doing in life. 

Let’s dive into the courses and categories offered by Careerist. 

About Careerist

Careerist was founded in 2019 by Max Glubochansky, Max Gusakov, and Ivan Tsybaev. Together, they wanted to help people achieve their goals which culminated in the creation of Careerist. By taking their courses, several clients have landed jobs in over 40 states. 

About Careerist

There are several program options, including Online, Full-time, and Part-time. They also have varying financing options like Deferred Tuition, Upfront Payments, and Loan Financing. Their courses are updated regularly to stay in line with the newest launches and discoveries in the field of tech. 

Programs Offered by Careerist

Careerist academies focus on quality rather than quantity. The courses offered by Careerist include an integrated internship, one-on-one mentoring, resume creation, and interview preparation, making graduates qualified for mid-level tech careers. Currently, they have three detailed programs that you can make use of:

Manual QA

This is a 15-week long program that teaches you how to become a QA engineer even if you have no prior experience with coding. Software QA basics, as well as testing for mobile and online applications, are covered in the course material.

QA Automation

This 15-week training will help you become an in-demand QA Engineer by teaching you UI testing through Selenium and Behave. Additionally, you will master automation by learning Python. 

Sales engineering

This program is 10- weeks long and will help you learn everything you need to know about selling technology products to customers. You do not need to know how to code or have a background in sales to enroll in this program. 

Success Stories of Careerist

As part of this Careerist review, we will look at some success stories that speak volumes. 

Success Stories of Careerist

Quiana benefitted from the Careerist sales training after being dismissed from her coding Bootcamp. She is a mother to 4 kids and is also balancing her career exceptionally. Despite having no tech background, she became a solutions engineer for a renowned firm where she works remotely. Her mentor played a considerable role in helping her land this new job which she can easily manage with her kids. 

Success Story of Donna

Donna graduated from Careerist in 2021 with no significant experience in tech. This was a career shift for her and ended up with her landing a job at an e-commerce site. Her journey with Careerist encouraged her to apply for jobs, leading to over 21 meetings out of the 40 places she applied to. A careerist helped her land a job that pays her  $98,000 yearly with $16,000 in stock.

Success Story of Oksana

Oksana already had a tech background but she felt that taking up the program with Careerist helped her a lot. She had done a Computer Science degree but it was merely a piece of paper that did not add much value. She felt that her skills were lacking, and she could not implement what she had learned. Careerist helped her land an amazing job at an e-commerce website where she is paid $ 45 an hour. 

Instructors on Careerist

Careerist has 14 instructors as of yet who are highly skilled and knowledgeable.  Let’s learn more about them!

1. Patrick Siebenthal

Instructor Patrick Siebenthal

Patrick is a QA Engineer with over six years of industry experience. Patrick enjoys finding innovative solutions in his work and thinks the greatest projects put the client’s demands first. In his free time, Patrick enjoys utilizing his skills in technology with his passion for art by producing CGI and 3D renderings. 

2. Lana Levinsohn 

Instructor Lana Levinsohn

Lana has more than eight years of QA experience. She has extensive expertise in creating and leading front-end and back-end automation at numerous large firms, and her work has been quite well-received. She has mentored and coached numerous QA specialists over the course of her career, and many of them are now employed by leading Silicon Valley corporations.

3. Brandon Cowley

Instructor Brandon Cowley

Brandon had held positions in sales, fitness, and property management before entering the tech sector. Now, with the aid of a careerist, he has achieved success as a QA engineer and is employed in LA, where he supports the maintenance of a sophisticated tech stack. He actively supports Careerist pupils and encourages everyone to realize their best potential.

4. Max Glubochansky

Instructor Max Glubochansky

Max co-founded Careerist and has been working in quality assurance for more than seven years. He has prior experience working with organizations like Apple and Intel. He enjoys imparting his knowledge and giving Careerists the tools they need to land their ideal positions.

5. Sofiia Tsapchuk

Instructor Sofiia Tsapchuk

Sofiia began her QA career as a Manual QA at a small company and over the course of seven years advanced to the position of Automation Team Lead in a large business. She has assisted numerous teams in developing QA procedures from the ground up and implementing an automated testing strategy for the front-end and back-end, thanks to her contemporary techniques and enthusiasm for quality. 

6. Iurii Sokolov

Instructor Iurii Sokolov

Iurii has over eight years of experience as a productive software engineer and quality assurance analyst. He holds a master’s degree in visual communications and has experience working for many of Silicon Valley’s biggest corporations, including Google. Iurii is an extremely knowledgeable lecturer who has created educational resources for a range of tech-related areas. 

7. Hezron Padlan

Instructor Hezron Padlan

Hezron has worked at a number of the top Fortune 500 businesses in the US and has 12 years of experience as a software testing lead. Because he can test and break systems before actual people can use the programs, he likes working in QA. Hezron is passionate about passing along his substantial QA expertise and experience to the upcoming generation of Software Testing experts and instructs Manual QA courses for Careerist.

8. Maria Carissa Navarrete

Instructor Maria Carissa Navarrete

With 14 years of experience as a QA Lead, Maria has worked for a number of international corporations with offices in the US and Europe. She also finished a master’s program in business when she was in the US. Maria began her career as a manual quality assurance intern and eventually advanced to lead and senior positions. She is passionate about giving clients high-quality software and imparting her QA expertise and experiences to budding QA specialists.

9. Alex Khvastovich

Instructor Alex Khvastovich

Alex is a QA manager with more than eight years of expertise in the field. He has worked for numerous international tech businesses. Alex is thrilled to have the chance to motivate aspiring computer professionals to work as top-notch QA engineers.

10. Ignacio Britos 

In 2007, Ignacio started his career, working on a variety of projects involving both manual and automated quality assurance. He eventually made the switch to software testing management, where he was in charge of overseeing a number of productive teams at businesses like Intel, Globant, Eventbrite, McAfee, and CambridgeSoft. Ignacio is an established IT professional with over 14 years of experience who is eager to impart his in-depth knowledge to aspirant Careerists.

11. Vitaly Erokhin

Instructor Vitaly Erokhin

With more than seven years of experience, Vitaly is a QA Automation Engineer. He has 12 years of experience in the tech sector and holds a master’s degree in computer engineering.

He has extensive experience creating test automation frameworks for both back-end and front-end services and has worked for numerous Silicon Valley organizations. His interest is in education, and he likes to assist others in entering the IT industry.

12. Nigel Chimwaza

Instructor Nigel Chimwaza

Nigel has 5 plus years as a Principal Solutions Engineer and 10+ years of B2C and B2B sales experience. In his sessions, he prioritizes equipping careerists with insider knowledge.

13. Charles Sammons

Instructor Charles Sammons

Charles is a senior field solution architect with extensive knowledge of sales engineering. He has over 15 years of experience. 

14. Amichai Teumim

Instructor Amichai Teumim

As a leader in technical sales and customer support for Upwork, Amichai has joined Careerist from one of the world’s most technologically innovative markets.

The instructors are extremely skilled, and this trickles down into the courses. The courses are structured well and delivered brilliantly. There is some overlap in terms of instructors, so one instructor may teach in two programs. 

Why Is Careerist So Great?

Careerist provides 1:1 mentorship so that if you have any concerns or queries, they can be addressed. Not many platforms offer this. Mentors help throughout the process, especially when it’s time to apply for jobs. Careerists also help with building resumes which many people sadly don’t know how to do. Moreover, they help you prepare for typical interview questions, so you are not caught off guard. 

The best part about enrolling in a Careerist program is that they have built-in internships, which help give you confidence and experience working with their partner companies. 


The programs are priced at $ 4,199 with an upfront discount and $ 6,999 for the QA bundle. With the Upfront payment, you can cover your entire tuition and fees, you aren’t required to make any future payments, and you don’t have any financial obligation to the Careerist. It includes access to JAS along with a 100% money-back guarantee. 

The Bundle payment covers your entire tuition and fees, and you aren’t required to make any future payments, similar to the upfront payment. However, it also includes QA Automation, Python, and SQL courses along with access to JAS and a 100% money-back guarantee. 

Overall, the courses are quite expensive, but they come with several benefits, including internship and one-on-one mentoring, which can be justified for such a high price. 


Careerists have several features that stand out among other platforms. The best part about Careerist is that it is great for beginners and even those who have no idea about coding.

There are opportunities for people in the tech industry in the fields of QA automation, Manual QA, and technical sales. Another benefit of enrolling in these courses is that they offer practicality in terms of resume building, one-on-one mentoring, and internships.

The downside of Careerist programs is that they are quite expensive which makes them more inaccessible than other pocket-friendly courses readily available online. They also do not have a lot of variety in terms of the programs they offer. 

Refund Policy

If a student is enrolled in a Bundle program and wants to drop the course that is a component of the Bundle Program, the Careerist may provide a refund: The cost of the first course, as specified in the agreement, is subtracted from the reimbursement for the second course.

When withdrawing from a course that is part of a bundle program, the student agrees to notify the Careerist as soon as possible but no later than the beginning of the second course or during the first three sessions of the second course. 

All refunds are processed by Careerist within 30 days of the withdrawal request date. Students will need to support their claims with appropriate documentation. The request must include the date of withdrawal and must be dated and signed by the student.

Students are expected to provide full documentation at the time of withdrawal to request a refund. However, This Refund & Cancelation Policy is not applicable to students who signed an Income Share Agreement.

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Careerist reviews - FAQs

What courses are offered at Careerist?

Careerist offers three programs including Sales engineering, QA automation, and manual QA. These courses are offered by some of the most expert instructors and can take any time between 10-15 weeks to complete. The courses include detailed content and are great for individuals without a coding background. 

What types of programs are available at Careerist?

Careerist programs offer one of the fastest paths toward a tech career. Programs offered by Careerist include an integrated internship, one-on-one mentoring, resume creation, and interview preparation, making graduates qualified for mid-level tech careers. Careerist provided a unique learning experience mixing deep knowledge in the subject (QA Automation), confidence, and professionalism.

How many students does the Careerist have?

Careerist has over 600 students to its name who have been successfully able to secure amazing jobs in 40 states. The students have success stories of their own where they started earning a lot after enrolling in Careerist programs. Most of the students enrolled in the QA automation course because it is great for individuals without a tech background.


Careerist is a great platform for anyone who is looking to kick start their career in the tech industry. Even if you don’t have prior experience, there is no need to worry because the programs offered by Careerist are designed to teach you the basics. Overall, we believe it is a great platform. So get started now and have a success story of your own!