Amphy Review: Are you choosing the right eLearning Platform?

Published: October 11, 2023

Amphy is the largest market for providing the best online classes and live sessions. They have a variety of courses in different niches; you can learn anything from business to cooking to mastering traditional games to even learning a new language with Amphy.

But is Amphy a perfect platform? Should you opt for Amphy? Well, we’re here to help. We’ll tell you precisely if Amphy is worth joining in 2023.

About Amphy

Amphy was founded in 2020 during the Covid-19 breakout. It is the only online platform that provides live classes to the students, enriching them through knowledge anytime, anywhere with their interactive and engaging sessions live.

Amphy offers 70+ subject categories with 200+ new classes updated every month. In addition, this learning platform also provides language courses; you can check multiple different language classes available on Amphy.

Amphy is a highly user-friendly platform. It provides online sessions to the students in which they can interact with each other and offer updated educational sessions by renowned instructors.

Amphy Pros and Cons


  • Variety of classes online
  • Well-organized classes
  • Expert instructors
  • Engaging live sessions


  • Sometimes classes’ timing doesn’t match others’ timing which means one misses that session.
  • Limited classes available for a free trial

Quick Overview About Amphy

  • Subject Categories: Amphy is offering classes in 70+ categories. It has 800+ live courses now.
  • Renowned Teachers: This platform has expert instructors like Julia A, a Japanese language teacher, and Ashwin Kumar, a chess master, and instructor at Amphy.
  • Multiple Languages: It is an online course platform that offers courses in different languages, e.g., French, Spanish, Chinese, etc. 
  • Features: The classes on Amphy are scheduled on Zoom. It has features like waiting rooms, recording classes, and breakout classes. Amphy has also introduced social commerce features that help provide discounts to anyone registered for the course with that feature.
  • Free Trial: Amphy offers a limited free trial on different niches.
  • Pricing Plan: The pricing on Amphy live classes varies according to the course category. On average, the class prices start at $19/ class.
  • Payment Options: Generally, Amphy accepts payment via credit card. A gift card is the best option to access classes. They have different types of gift cards available.
  • Refund Policy: Amphy’s refund policy is specific to the situation. However, they refund your money if you didn’t take the class and inform you before taking it.
  • Money Back Guarantee: Amphy is not offering any money-back guarantee currently.

Subject Categories

Generally, I usually opt for Amphy because it offers a diverse range of classes from business to fitness to mastering a game, learning any new language, or cooking a dish. 

It offers 70+ categories, and the most famous classes on Amphy are related to Chess, Fitness, and Master series about cooking, mental wellbeing, beauty, and fashion.

Renowned Teachers

Expert instructors teach the courses on Amphy. Some renowned instructors associated with Amphy include Julia, Ashwin, Luca, Sarah, Ylenia, etc.

Julia (Japanese Teacher)

Julia is a Japanese language teacher on Amphy who is passionate about teaching the Japanese language to those who love Japan and its history, culture, and language. She has taught around 113K students on Instagram and 30+ students as a personal coach.

Julia Japanese Language Teacher

Luca Masterchef ( Food & Drink Teacher)

Luca is a famous Italian chef, teacher, writer, and winner of Masterchef USA. He has worked in different restaurants, from busboy to waiter to a manager and then general manager. He has also published a cookbook and introduced a private chef service known as Dinner with Luca.

Luca Food and Drink Teacher

Ashwin Kumar S (Chess Teacher)

Ashwin Kumar is famous for teaching chess on Amphy. He became an ACO World Amateur Champion in 2018 by winning the World Chess Championship event in Greece in the 1600 -1800 category.

Ashwin Kumar Chess Teacher

Sarah-Jane B (Personal Development Teacher)

Sarah Jane has been working in the beauty and wellbeing industry as a therapist since 2006. She is a qualified therapist and facial yoga instructor, and she also worked as a lecturer from 2013 to 2019. In addition, she has dedicated her time to creating an online salon to educate others about Holistic Skincare.

Sarah Jane Personal Development Teacher

Ylenia M (Paint Teacher)

Ylenia Mino is a known Artist and was born in the small town of Ivrea. Her early learning started with an extraordinary Egyptian painter. She focused more on art history, Ancient Greek and Latin Philosophy and graduated with a classical diploma. Her painting has also been featured in newspapers. She has been painting for 24 years, and she dreams of exhibiting worldwide.

Ylenia Mino Paint Teacher

Multiple Languages

As far as I know, Amphy offers courses in multiple languages, which include Arabic, Armenian, Belarusian, Cantonese, English, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Luganda, Mandarin, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Serbian, Turkish, Vietnamese, Yiddish.


The unique thing about Amphy is that it provides online sessions, usually scheduled on Zoom. This application has made it easier for teachers to provide online live sessions.

Moreover, It also has a social commerce feature that discounts anyone with that social commerce link.

Free Trial

This online learning platform has free trials available for a few live sessions on different niches. On average, the duration is 30 minutes; if you like the session, you can enroll in the paid live session. However, the limited number of free live sessions is a drawback.

Pricing Plans

The price plans for each live class differ according to the subject category on Amphy, starting from $19/class. However, you can also get Amphy gift cards at reasonable prices, which are more valuable. I have attached the image below; you can check the prices for gift cards:

Amphy Gift Cards

Payment Options

You can quickly pay with your credit/debit card on Amphy. Another payment option is the gift card, and I usually go for gift cards as they are easier to use than the card payment system. Amphy offers corporate gift cards as well.

Refund Policy

Amphy usually refunds your purchases within 90 days if the lessons or classes are unused or students have been informed about the cancellation before the class time. Furthermore, the purchase is not subject to refund if claimed 24 hours before the class time.

Money-Back Guarantee

Few courses have free trials, but there is no such thing as money-back until now; you can always get a refund for the classes you have not taken and inform them about the cancellation at least a day before the class. I don’t know about the future; maybe they might add this feature to their platform.

Customer Reviews

The reviews for Amphy on different platforms are good. On average, Amphy has 4 out of 5-star ratings on various platforms. Around 89% of the customer reviews on Trustpilot suggest that Amphy is an excellent online learning platform and is the best online resource for anyone who wants to continue education or wishes to expand their knowledge.

Customer Reviews for Amphy on Trustpilot

The review for Amphy on G2 suggests that the teachers are engaging due to living sessions. Moreover, it has diverse categories for learning online. Furthermore, the Trustpilot and G2 rating for Amphy is 4.8/5.0 and 5.0/5.0.

I have also added an image for the G2 rating for Amphy.

Review for Amphy on G2

Overall Amphy Review

Amphy is a great platform and has the unique feature of providing online live sessions to the students. It deals in various niches and provides classes on a variety of subjects. Whether about business or cultural learning, language courses, or cooking classes, you can learn anything there, especially languages.

Check the below snippets for customer reviews about Amphy.

Customer Review on Trustpilot for Amphy

The Trustpilot review from a customer about Amphy suggests that it is the best online learning platform that provides live sessions and all the instructors were well prepared for the classes I have taken so far.

Customer Review on G2

The customer review on G2 suggests that Amphy is a fantastic learning platform for improving skills.

Review for Amphy on eLearning

Check one of the reviews on the eLearning industry that suggest that Amphy is an incredible platform, and it says that this platform is super convenient according to my time.


I consider Amphy’s online learning platform to be the best currently available because it allows me to participate in live sessions, making classes more enjoyable to take from the comfort of my own home at any time. It also provides an opportunity to participate in live classes, which helps to boost your confidence.

Moreover, I can schedule classes according to my feasibility, but sometimes it doesn’t match my timing. So I can say it can be a drawback of Amphy, but my overall learning experience with instructors on Amphy is beneficial.

Furthermore, Amphy’s customer reviews are positive, stating that this platform is one of the best online learning resources.